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Brand New Record Power Hand Chisels Range

8th February 2012

This range of premium quality hand chisels have been developed by Record Power to offer discerning cabinet makers and woodworkers a selection of essential tools that can take pride of place in any workshop, such is the quality of their manufacture and design, at a very reasonable price.

The chisels are available individually and in three sets, offering added value. A four piece bevel edge set, featuring a modern thin edge profile for more accurate cutting than is possible with cheaper DIY standard alternatives, makes a great addition to any workshop whilst the three piece mortice chisel set is a must-have for cabinet makers who need to complete accurate, easy morticing. The three piece specialist set, featuring two skew chisels and a corner chisel, offers anyone who is serious about their woodworking the tools to create more accurate and professional results.

The blades are manufactured from chrome manganese steel, prized for its high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion. After machining, rather than being cold quenched and reheated to harden, our blades are isothermally cooled. This involves quenching them in molten salt to gradually reduce the temperature. This process creates a superior blade, being hardened to Rockwell 59 along of the blade, over twice the area hardened using the standard cold quenching method of many other brands.

The handles are made from white hornbeam, renowned for its hardness and close grained structure to give long life and excellent resistance to blows from a mallet. The exclusive handle shape has been designed to give optimum grip whilst also being extremely comfortable to hold and finished with an attractive and tactile wax.

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