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Brand New Range of Record Power Woodturning Chucks and Jaws

31st July 2015


Record Power SC3 and SC4 Woodturning Chucks

We are extremely proud to introduce the brand new range of Record Power woodturning chucks and jaws. This exclusive new range has been developed using Record Power's extensive experience and knowledge of woodturning in conjunction with a group of highly experienced professional and hobby woodturners, to bring you the ultimate in quality, versatility and value. Incorporating the best elements of our previous ranges, we have also listened closely to our valued customers over the years and have taken note of their feedback, suggestions and requests to guide our design approach.

By looking closely at our previous ranges as well as others currently on the market, we have designed a new generation of chuck bodies and jaws to offer woodturners unrivalled performance and ease of use.

The SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck and SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck are direct replacements to our previous G3 and Supernova2 models, with some notable improvements.

Integral to the performance of a chuck are its jaw slides. On both new chucks these have been made noticeably larger than others on the market, increasing their torque and load bearing abilities. Manufactured using the powder metallurgy process, they are made from high tensile steel, impregnated with nickel-copper to ensure superior strength and longevity.

The range is manufactured using precision CNC equipment to our exacting standards. The jaw slides are controlled using a precision engineered geared scroll which moves in the conventional screw direction - clockwise to close the jaws and anti-clockwise to open them. Many other chucks work in the opposite direction and are therefore not as intuitive to use as the SC3 and SC4. The Super Geared True-Lock ™ technology used to manufacture the gears ensures excellent strength and unsurpassed surface and dimensional accuracies to give smooth, vibration free operation.

The SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck is available in 3 of the most popular thread sizes: 3/4" x 16 TPI, 1" x 8 TPI and M33 x 3.5.

The SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck is available as an insert version, with a full range of inserts to fit, meaning it can be used on virtually any kind of lathe. Unlike our previous professional chuck, the SC4 is now available with an M33 x 3.5 insert. The chuck body has been designed specifically to hold this large thread size insert, therefore offering even more flexibility to customers who may want to upgrade to or from an M33 lathe.


Record Power Woodturning Chuck Jaw Range


Record Power Woodturning Chuck Jaw Range
As part of the design process, we looked in depth at the ranges of jaws available to today's woodturners. Our aim was to create a new range which allowed for all the flexibility currently on offer whilst also engineering out superfluous features and, where possible, condensing the attributes of some jaw designs to increase their usefulness. The result is a comprehensive range of 14 intelligently designed sets of chuck jaws, many of which are brand new designs exclusive to Record Power. 

This range offers woodturners a definitive collection of jaws to cover virtually any woodturning task and represents unbeatable value for money. In addition, all jaws are fully compatible with our previous Nova series chucks.

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Record Power Christmas Crackers 2014 Promotions Now Available

31st October 2014



The Record Power Christmas Crackers 2014 promotion is now available, offering some incredible savings over RRP and the Autumn/Winter promotion!

In addition, there are a range of brand new package deals, offering even greater value for money:

RP2000-PK/A RP2000 & Remounting Jaws Package

CL3-CAM-PK/A CL3 Lathe Package Deal With RPLB24-48 Lathe Bench

TS315-PK/A 10/12" Cast Iron Saw with Squaring Table

RPCV12A-PK/A 12 Piece Carving Chisel Set, Carver's Vice, Mallet, Educational Booklet & DVD

BM16-PK/A BM16 Morticer with Chisel & Bit

TS250C-PK/A 10" Cast Iron Cabinet Maker's Saw with Right Hand Extension

Please see the website for full details of all offers or look out for the brochure inside copies of the following magazines: Woodturning, Furniture & Cabinet Making, Good Woodworking and the Woodworker & Woodturner. Alternatively, call us on 01246 561 520 to request a free copy!

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Record Power Acquire CamVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Extractors

24th October 2014

Record Power are proud to announce the acquisition of CamVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Extractors. Previously based in Fakenham, Norfolk, CamVac machines are manufactured on site, supporting the UK manufacturing industry and ensuring the best in quality, performance and durability. Production of all CamVac products has now moved to our Chesterfield based engineering facility and will continue in the UK. All sales, warranty and enquiries of any other nature relating to CamVac products should now be made to Record Power. Please telephone 01246 571 020 or email
The acquisition fits into Record Power's long term strategy of increasing production in the UK to ensure we can supply the best in quality and value to our customers. All current CamVac machines and accessories will remain in production using exactly the same tooling and manufacturing techniques that have historically made them so successful. The only change to take place is the introduction of our famous industry-leading 5 year guarantee on all products manufactured from 22nd October 2014.
Record Power are well known for their existing range of UK made dust extraction machines and accessories which have proven extremely popular for many years. The CamVac range of machines and accessories are a perfect addition, introducing further choice and flexibility whilst retaining the high quality and performance of our existing range.
About CamVac
CamVac industrial extractors are suitable for a variety of applications. In addition to the collection of wood waste, they are also suitable for use with many other materials and have a diverse range of applications in industrial settings. All machines are available with bespoke options, offering ultimate flexibility for each customer's needs and are manufactured to order in the UK.

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Free Carriage Deals Still Available until 31st August 2014

26th August 2014

There are just a few days left to take advantage of this year's August free carriage deals. A huge selection of products from across the range are still available with free carriage when bought online from the Record Power website -  This means savings of up to £119.99 can be made, making this an unmissable chance to add to your workshop at the best prices possible!

Remember, these offers are available only until August 31st 2014, so make sure to not miss out.

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New Products - Carving Packages Now Available

13th December 2013
Record Power have put together two brand new packages which are perfectly suited to the aspiring woodcarver. The RPCV12A-PK/A 12 Piece Carving Chisel Set, Carver's Vice, Mallet, Educational Booklet & DVD includes a refined and updated set of 12 high quality, spring alloy beech handled carving chisels as well as the ever popular RPCV130 Carver's Vice and RPCVM15 15 oz Carver's Mallet. However, the real jewel in the crown of this package is the educational DVD and booklet by internationally acclaimed carver and teacher Mike Davies. Mike is an accomplished and highly experienced woodcarver, having served his apprenticeship in the UK and completed work for royalty, national trusts and private collectors alike. 
Mike has developed his unique and highly successful 'carving by numbers' system as a way to impart his years of expertise and teaching experience in a logical and easy to understand fashion, ideal for the novice carving enthusiast. This DVD features his Significant Six carving techniques that will form a solid foundation upon which the aspiring woodcarver’s skills can be built. By following Mike’s proven system the viewer will soon be creating a collection of attractive projects and designs using a basic set of 12 tools.
Included in this educational package:
• Tool talk
• Sharpening & maintenance
• The significant six techniques
• Timber selection
• Basic flower project
• Practice makes perfect project
• Tips and tools
• 16 Page full colour companion booklet containing a collection of projects to put  your skill to the test.
A lower cost alternative, the RPCV12A package comprises the 12 piece carving tool set and the instructional DVD and booklet.
To purchase or request further details, please contact your local Record Power stockist, go online to or call Record Power on 01246 571 020.

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