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RPDVD12 Wetstone Sharpening System Tutorial DVD (WG250)

RPDVD12 Wetstone Sharpening System Tutorial DVD
Internationally acclaimed woodworker, woodcarver and tutor Mike Davies introduces the Record Power 
WG250 Wet Stone Sharpening System, giving in-depth advice and instruction on how to sharpen a wide range of workshop and household tools.
This indispensable DVD covers in detail the whole process of sharpening, from finding and setting the correct cutting angles to easily achieving razor sharp edges on even the most challenging of tools. Mike also shows how to assemble and maintain the WG250 to ensure optimum results and years of trouble free sharpening.
1 Unpacking and Checking the Contents
2 Overview of Jigs and Accessories
3 Setting up the WG250
4 Overview of Sharpening Directions
5 Trueing the Stone
6 Grading the Stone Surface
7 Conditioning the Honing Wheel
8 Overview of Cutting Edge Angles
9 Finding and Setting Cutting Angles
10 Honing the Cutting Edge
11 Sharpening Fingernail Profile Gouges
12 Sharpening Straight Edge Blades
13 Sharpening Bevel Edged Chisels
14 Sharpening Straight Edge Blades with a Camber
15 Sharpening Scissors
16 Sharpening Woodturning Roughing Gouges
17 Sharpening Woodturning Scraper Chisels
18 Sharpening Small Knives
19 Sharpening Large Knives
20 Sharpening Axes
21 Sharpening ‘V’ Profile Carving Tools
22 Sharpening Carving Gouges
23 Maintenance of the WG250