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Yandle & Sons Ltd

Hurst Works, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6JU, UK

Tel: 01935 822207

Fax: 01935 824484

Website: http://www.yandles.co.uk

Email: online-info@yandles.co.uk

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  • Woodworking Machines
    • Bandsaws
      • Bandsaw Machines
    • Sanding
      • Belt & Disc Sanders
    • Planing & Thicknessing
      • Planer Thicknessers
    • Dust Extraction
      • Record Power High Filtration Dust Extractors
    • Drilling
      • Drilling Machines
    • Morticing
      • Morticers
  • Machine Consumables & Accessories
    • Woodturning Accessories
      • Chucking Systems, Jaws & Spares
        • Woodturning Chucks
      • Lathe Upgrades & Other Products
      • Lathe Accessories
        • 3/4" x 16TPI Lathe Accessories
        • 1 1/4" x 8 TPI Lathe Accessories
        • Lathe Adaptors
    • Planer Thicknesser Accessories & Consumables
      • Planer Blade Setting Jigs
      • Planer Blades
    • Dust Extraction Accessories
      • Record Power Wheelkits and Wall Bracket
      • Reducers and Adaptors
      • 4" System Fittings
      • Record Power Consumables & Filters
      • 2.5" Kits & Accessories
      • 4" Kits & Accessories
      • 4" Hose and Fittings
      • 120 mm Hose and Fittings
    • Drilling Accessories
      • Drill Press Vices
      • Drill Bits & Cutters
    • Sanding Consumables
      • Sanding Belts
      • Sanding Discs
      • Bobbins
    • Morticer Chisels & Bits
    • Sharpening Jigs & Accessories
      • Sharpening Jigs
      • Sharpening Accessories
    • Scrollsaw Accessories
      • Scrollsaw Blades
        • NF Blue Scroll Saw Blades
        • NS Scroll Saw Blades
        • Skip Tooth Pin End Scroll Saw Blades
        • Regular Pin End Scroll Saw Blades
        • PG Scroll Saw Blades
        • PB Scroll Saw Blades
  • Hand Tools
    • Carving
    • Engraving
      • Engravers
    • Chisels
      • Chisel Sets
      • Bevel Edge Chisels
      • Mortice Chisels
      • Specialist Chisels
  • Workshop Accessories
    • Clamps
      • Clamp Spares
  • Finishing
    • Finishes
      • Polishes

Yandle and Sons is nestled in the village of Martock, near Yeovil in the county of Somerset. Serving the local community for over 150 years, the business has rapidly expanded to now serve a nationwide customer base.

Yandles Woodworking Centre is probably one of the largest shops of its type in the Country, supplying everything for the woodworker from machinery, hand and power tools to hundreds of accessories and of course the one thing that all woodworkers require – timber.












It is no wonder that this unique venue attracts visitors from all over Europe who come to browse through the extensive displays. The Company believes in giving customers a choice and its range of products is second to none - we try to offer a selection of the best products currently available.
Our staff are always at hand to give both guidance and advice on everything from what kind of finish to use to what type of machineryis required. Customers can feel comfortable about making an important purchase from us in the knowledge that the Company has over one hundred years of experience in the woodworking trade.












However, what really sets Yandles Woodworking Centre apart from its rivals is its massive timber self selection area which is attached to the shop, backed up by its own sawmill on the same site with over 60 varieties of timber available in planking and bowl blanks, all individually priced and labelled, buying timber has never been so simple.

With a large Hobbies Shop, Gallery, Coffee Shop and plenty of free parking, Yandles is the natural choice for the Woodworker and somewhere they can bring their family and friends for a totally unique experience.