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62301 Dome Jaws for SC1 & SC2 Mini Chucks

62301 Dome Jaws for SC1 & SC2 Mini Chucks

These jaws are able to hold the smallest work pieces. The convex internal radius on each jaw is designed to avoid damage to small and fragile work. It allows the user to get very close to support thin work as safely as possible. It also allows good access to work close to the base of a work piece without the tool fouling on the jaws. For maximum support always ensure the workpiece features a spigot long enough to be supported along the full length of the jaws’ internal surface.



Contraction Spigot: 4.5 - 13 mm
Contraction Square: 4 - 11.5 mm


Contraction Spigot: 4.5 - 24 mm
Contraction Square: 4 - 25.5 mm