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Spoon Carving Set

 Spoon Carving Set
Master the craft of Spoon Carving with this 3-piece Carving by Numbers tool set. Simply match your numbered carving tools to the step-by-step guidance or create decorations and gifts of your own. The Spoon Carving Set of 3 carving tool profiles can be used to master the art of spoon carving, along with a broad selection of attractive patterns and designs.
You will also have online access to a growing educational resource including:
- Woodcarving by Numbers Book
- Foundation Skills DVD
- Plans and Projects
- Video Tutorials
- Over 500 Spoon, Spatula and Utensil Design Ideas.
3 Chromium-vanadium alloy steel Carving tools, featuring the unique Carving by Numbers referencing system.

What Is Carving by Numbers?
What Is Carving by Numbers?